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2016-02-09 []
Rawls the philosopher
webcomic comics

2016-02-09 []
Matthew Yglesias: "Nazis had a lot of good ideas. There, I said it. Shame about the war and genocide."
fascists liberals

2016-02-04 [] "Gregory Anderson was terminated from the company in November 2014"
androphobia yahoo

2016-01-30 [] Facebook bans person-to-person gun sales on its site
facebook guns

2016-01-18 []
"load-module module-stream-restore restore_device=false" in /etc/pulse/ in case browsers are stuck at HDMI
sound pulseaudio sysadmin gnome

2016-01-13 []
"To this day, nothing has come along that handles the global-scale filesystem use case as well as AFS did way back when. What we have instead are : (...)"
people.darcy filesystem

2016-01-04 [] Why I joined the NRA

2016-01-04 []
Brazil is facing an inevitable collapse (largely due to culture).
brazil people.Dan_Mitchell

2015-12-20 []
SUA - like TFR but includes everything
faa avia flying

2015-12-14 [] Small Run Fab Services

2015-12-10 []
"You support the ethanol mandate which increases food prices to enrich ADM & DuPont."

2015-12-03 [] Red Hat has really doubled down on being email spammers
redhat spam

2015-12-02 [] Append crypto-meta to user-meta
Why is persistent metadata is needed and how this conflicts with fast-POST.
tmp swift encryption

2015-11-24 []
tmp guns

2015-11-20 [] Marissa Mayer's take on ad blocking: 'It hurts the Web experience'
Marissa Mayer is even crazier than we thought after the remotee prohibition.

2015-11-05 []

2015-11-05 [] From kafkatrap to honeytrap
androphobia people.esr

2015-11-05 []
Tomo hugs Carol
webcomic トモちゃん

2015-10-15 []
deletion of a bucket leaves index objects behind
tmp ceph

2015-10-15 []
people.elonmusk cars.tesla

2015-10-13 [] Dog Philosophy
machall webcomic

2015-09-23 []
Step by step guide for packagers.

2015-09-13 [] Time Warner Road Runner, Linux, and large IPv6 subnets
Using DHCP6

2015-09-10 []
Allan Candelore and Rich Allison fight discrimination with the help from "Harry Crouch".

2015-09-04 []
Enjoy my new column: Creepy Uncle Joe Biden's yuck factor==>