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2017-07-21 []
The nature of software architect

2017-07-18 []

2017-07-18 []
cetme guns

2017-07-18 []
Mother of 6, nice.

2017-07-18 []
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2017-07-16 []
cetme forgotten_weapons

2017-07-14 []
Steve Esposito: "The Knoxville City Charter needs to be revoked. That government provides no service that the County does not provide better, and the city "provides" loads of services that County residents contract for better from private firms, like trash collection.* Law enforcement is certainly better outside the city too."

2017-07-13 []
aclu fascists liberals

2017-07-10 [] Red Hat’s Margaret Dawson: ‘We’re Really Not’ Seeing Equality, Diversity in Tech
redhat feminists fascists

2017-07-09 []
austin meetup

2017-07-07 []
saga of Coraline Ada Ehmke in series of tweets
github twitter liberals fascists

2017-07-06 []
"[Susan Sons] has since become president of ICEI."
androphobia people.esr

2017-07-04 []
Mocking Trump is one thing. Mocking the real issues is another.

2017-07-03 [] Leaked recording: Inside Apple’s global war on leakers | Former NSA agents, secrecy members on product teams, and a screening apparatus bigger than the TSA.

2017-06-28 [] Gun Design Engineer answers your questions - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog
"Tobias Obermeit, the Chief Design Engineer on the PMR-30"
guns kel-tec

2017-06-27 []
ResellerAdmin can operate on any account
sysadmin swift openstack

2017-06-26 [] Retractions, Ratings And Rape: Catastrophic Month Puts CNN Into Fake News Death Spiral
journalism cnn

2017-06-16 []
guns tennessee

2017-06-12 []
swift openstack redhat

2017-05-12 []
zaitcev anime

2017-05-09 []
"Live" topic remains at GAB even if unlisted

2017-05-03 [] [Openstack] [Swift] : Work-flow | (how does Swift select replicas when accessing data)

2017-04-27 [] Nielegalny pomnik UPA w powiecie przemyskim rozebrany po 23 latach. Pierwsza taka akcja w Polsce.

2017-04-20 []

2017-04-08 [] Fuchsia: a new operating system []
A non-POSIX OS -- in our days.
kernel google