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2014-09-19 [] Why Is Wikipedia Deleting All References To Neil Tyson’s Fabrication?
wikipedia liberals

2014-09-08 []
lovelive game

2014-09-04 [] Using BGP data to find Spammers
bgp internet spam

2014-09-03 [] 5 Feminist Myths That Will Not Die, by Christina Hoff Sommers
"Sexual Assault, Wage Gap, and More Feminist Myths that Will Not Die"

2014-09-02 []
0-byte files on lost+found are a total myth, according to Ric.
lwn filesystem xfs

2014-08-30 []
"Asians" +

2014-08-29 [] RADOS (CEPH) DiskFile Backend
swift ceph gerrit

2014-08-29 []
"The actual strategy is detente first, and then a full alliance with Iran throughout the Middle East and North Africa."
iran pol.obama

2014-08-18 [] Rick Perry and the Democrats’ pattern of “lawfare” against rising Republicans | Power Line
politics republicans powerline pol.rickperry

2014-08-18 [] Perry's indictment backfires - The Washington Post
politics pol.rickperry texas

2014-08-17 [] Classic Beef Stroganoff recipe from Betty Crocker
tmp cooking

2014-08-17 [] Beef Stroganoff Recipe : Paula Deen : Food Network
tmp cooking

2014-08-16 []

2014-08-12 [] The Infallible ‘New York Times’: Don’t waste time writing a Letter to the Editor unless it’s adulatory. Aug 18, 2014, Vol. 19, No. 46. By KENNETH L. WOODWARD
nyt journalism

2014-08-12 [] Congrats to @SenAlexander, one if the best men in politics, on his win tonight. Still wishing he'd been nominee in '96.

2014-08-06 [] swift-specs b61249d documentation
swift openstack

2014-08-06 [] Swift erasure codes (on Trello)
swift tmp

2014-08-06 []
Lin 2013-11-04
bash comics

2014-08-06 [] Lin 2013-11-11
bash comics

2014-07-29 []
Identity theft by Chief Keleman
police wisconsin

2014-07-23 []
"The language of the Affordable Care Act plainly says that subsidies are only available on exchanges established by states. The plaintiff argued this meant that, well, subsidies could only be available on exchanges established by states. Since he lives in a state with a federally operated exchange, his exchange was illegally handing out subsidies."

2014-07-21 []
tmp akb48 岩田華怜

2014-07-18 []
McCain proclaims that Ukraine does not have the capability to shoot down an airliner.
pol.mccain cnn

2014-07-18 [] Carbon Tax Torn Asunder Down Under
environment australia taxes

2014-07-17 [] Streetcarnage: Readers erupt with tales of anguish about riding TTC streetcars
transit tmp