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2014-07-29 []
Identity theft by Chief Keleman
police wisconsin

2014-07-23 []
"The language of the Affordable Care Act plainly says that subsidies are only available on exchanges established by states. The plaintiff argued this meant that, well, subsidies could only be available on exchanges established by states. Since he lives in a state with a federally operated exchange, his exchange was illegally handing out subsidies."

2014-07-21 []
tmp akb48 岩田華怜

2014-07-18 []
McCain proclaims that Ukraine does not have the capability to shoot down an airliner.
pol.mccain cnn

2014-07-18 [] Carbon Tax Torn Asunder Down Under
environment australia taxes

2014-07-17 [] Streetcarnage: Readers erupt with tales of anguish about riding TTC streetcars
transit tmp

2014-07-09 []
death_panels kaus

2014-07-08 []
Swiss Alps Bakery | 3000 San Pedro NE | Suite F | Albuquerque, NM 87110 | 505-881-3063
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2014-07-07 []
sandra_and_woo webcomic

2014-07-04 []
cooking tmp

2014-07-02 [] Pearls Before Swine Comic Strip, June 04, 2014 on
webcomic comics pears_before_swine

2014-06-30 [] Swift Review Dashboard
swift gerrit

2014-06-26 [] Manila reviews open
manila openstack gerrit homepage

2014-06-25 []
tracking 1939, Bruno Rizzi to Trotsky to James Burnham "Managerial Revolution" to George Orwell (do dates match?)
liberals democrats government people.JonahGoldberg

2014-06-24 [] Democratic Candidate for Governor Sued for Paying Women Less than Men | Washington Free Beacon
pol.Gary_King new_mexico

2014-06-24 [] Suggestions for food/drink near Convention Center? (self.Albuquerque)
abq tmp

2014-06-21 []
japan tmp todo

2014-06-20 [] USA Today's GA Indictment
Paul Bertorelli is unduly generous, but points out some factual problems with Tom Frank's smear peace.
avia flying journalism

2014-06-19 [] Unfit for Publication: How USA Today Got Everything Wrong | Jeff Schweitzer
USA Today and Tom Frank didn't cover themselves in glory in this one.
flying avia journalism

2014-06-19 []
Jamie sees the Thornwatch design document.

2014-06-17 [] irc://
<portante> we apparently do at least that we can set a replica count of 3.25 <notmyname> portante: yes. but it's not completely straightforward. 3.25 replicas means that everything has 3 replicas and 25% (.25) has 4 replicas <notmyname> portante: and, for your sanity, each partition in the ring will only have an integer number of replicas

2014-06-11 [] Democratic amnesty fan Luis Gutierrez helping Eric Cantor get reelected in order to protect immigration reform
republicans politics immigration

2014-06-04 [] Judge: Duke University can't expel student accused of sexual misconduct
androphobia duke

2014-06-03 [] q 2.4 : Python Package Index
python tmp

2014-06-03 [] Software Maniacs blog » ijson
json programming python