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2016-07-19 []
swift tmp

2016-07-18 []
tmp manga

2016-07-15 []
dead body in a tent, vegetables grown in cemetery

2016-07-03 [] Tsurezure Children v.4 ch.46
comics manga

2016-07-03 [] Another mass shooting by an illegal immigrant who’d been deported multiple times
Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez in Woodburn, Oregon

2016-06-25 []
"The EU of 1942 looked remarkably similar to the EU of today in this postcard."

2016-06-25 []
"In this cartoon, Pol-Pot explains why the youth of Britain voted Remain (Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku, vol.11 ch.88)."
europe manga

2016-06-21 [] White South Africans are in grave danger; there may be a solution. | by Josh Gelernter February 7, 2015 4:00 AM
pol.zuma africa

2016-06-20 [] I Wish I Had Been Told About These Risks Before I Had Gender Surgery

2016-06-20 []
Finally the naked yellow journalism at TTAC.

2016-06-19 []
Gemma's advice is to use testify/suite to get the setup/teardown functionality.
programming go

2016-06-18 []
Jonah Goldberg deals with the false equivalency. "(b) no matter how you slice it, wanting to “save” gays from perceived sin is just plain different from wanting to kill them."
orientationally_challenged people.JonahGoldberg

2016-06-07 []
The minimum wate cartoon that was the breakout strip of Red Panels.
economics redpanels

2016-06-01 []
Posting political opinions at Facebook

2016-05-31 []

2016-05-28 []
orientationally_challenged bullies fascists

2016-05-24 []
Ian McCollum explains red dots on handguns
guns forgotten_weapons

2016-05-20 []
Yuri Kochiyama
google fascists

2016-05-19 []
"Excuse me, have you accepted the word and truth of our Lord and Franchiser, Nute Gunray?"
webcomic darths_and_droids

2016-05-18 []
v1.1 or v2 API depending

2016-05-10 []
journalism liberals lapdogs

2016-05-10 []
crimea pol.putin

2016-05-09 []
"Male Ally"
webcomic redpanels

2016-05-02 []
It's OECD report though

2016-04-29 []