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2015-04-23 []
This is surprisingly subversive by portraying the suppressed truth. Women in programming are often this obnoxious, abusive, and poisonous. But they are also entitled and pretend to be victims.
sandra_and_woo comics programming

2015-04-18 []
seiyuu people.omo

2015-04-16 [] Surprised solar customers find themselves with liens -
SolarCity places a lien on a house and talks around it in their FAQ. “Someone can say it’s nothing more than a security interest, but that’s nonsense. At best they are mincing words and at worst they are being intellectually dishonest. A fixture filing is a lien.”

2015-04-14 []

2015-04-13 [] Pearls Before Swine Comic Strip, April 13, 2015
The plight of the tall people.
comics webcomic pears_before_swine

2015-04-04 []

2015-03-21 [] UT and Legislature Just Keep Digging That Wallace Hall Hole Deeper for Themselves
The UT and Wallace Hall scandal.

2015-03-12 [] Introduction to karting - Autoblog
karting racing

2015-03-12 [] Python Hash Algorithms | July 11, 2002 | Fredrik Lundh
programming python

2015-03-12 [] Graham Dumpleton: Implementing WSGI application objects.
wsgi python programming

2015-03-12 [] DebuggingTechniques - modwsgi - Debugging techniques for WSGI applications.
wsgi python apache

2015-03-12 [] WSGI at ReadTheDocs
previously as wiki at
wsgi python

2015-03-12 [] FAA AST: Launch data and vehicles
space faa

2015-03-11 []石田燿子/

2015-03-11 [] As Containers Rise, OpenStack TripleO Slides
Mirants' obsessive, maniacal anti-Red Hat crusade
mirantis openstack

2015-03-04 [] The Wacky World of Wu - Breitbart
orientationally_challenged people.Brianna_Wu_J_Flynt

2015-02-25 [] 'I'm gay. And I want my kid to be gay too': Lesbian CNN pundit admits she does not want her daughter, 6, to be straight and is 'disappointed' that she is already 'boy crazy'
marriage orientationally_challenged

2015-02-21 [] Guardian 'changed Iraq article to avoid offending Apple' - Telegraph
journalism apple

2015-02-20 []

2015-02-20 [] Ad valorem tax? - Pilots of America Message Board
TN: "6% use tax". Avoid AL, GA like plague. AL: 20% per year.
taxes alabama georgia tennessee avia

2015-02-20 [] Judge ‘Outraged’ at Innocent Man, Orders Him to Pay $30,000 in Support for Child That Isn’t His
fascist judge Kathleen McCarthy of Wayne County Circuit Court
justice androphobia

2015-02-12 [] The 4-Week Guide to Starting Strength
people.MarkRippletoe health excercise

2015-02-12 []

2015-02-12 [] Swift spec reviews open
swift openstack gerrit homepage-openstack-reviews

2015-02-05 [] Fast Non-Standard Data Structures for Python
python programming