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2014-07-21 []
tmp akb48 岩田華怜

2014-07-18 []
McCain proclaims that Ukraine does not have the capability to shoot down an airliner.
pol.mccain cnn

2014-07-18 [] Carbon Tax Torn Asunder Down Under
environment australia taxes

2014-07-17 [] Streetcarnage: Readers erupt with tales of anguish about riding TTC streetcars
transit tmp

2014-07-09 []
death_panels kaus

2014-07-08 []
Swiss Alps Bakery | 3000 San Pedro NE | Suite F | Albuquerque, NM 87110 | 505-881-3063
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2014-07-07 []
sandra_and_woo webcomic

2014-07-04 []
cooking tmp

2014-07-02 [] Pearls Before Swine Comic Strip, June 04, 2014 on
webcomic comics pears_before_swine

2014-06-30 [] Swift Review Dashboard
swift gerrit

2014-06-26 [] Manila reviews open
manila openstack gerrit homepage

2014-06-25 []
tracking 1939, Bruno Rizzi to Trotsky to James Burnham "Managerial Revolution" to George Orwell (do dates match?)
liberals democrats government people.JonahGoldberg

2014-06-24 [] Democratic Candidate for Governor Sued for Paying Women Less than Men | Washington Free Beacon
pol.Gary_King new_mexico

2014-06-24 [] Suggestions for food/drink near Convention Center? (self.Albuquerque)
abq tmp

2014-06-21 []
japan tmp todo

2014-06-20 [] USA Today's GA Indictment
Paul Bertorelli is unduly generous, but points out some factual problems with Tom Frank's smear peace.
avia flying journalism

2014-06-19 [] Unfit for Publication: How USA Today Got Everything Wrong | Jeff Schweitzer
USA Today and Tom Frank didn't cover themselves in glory in this one.
flying avia journalism

2014-06-19 []
Jamie sees the Thornwatch design document.

2014-06-17 [] irc://
<portante> we apparently do at least that we can set a replica count of 3.25 <notmyname> portante: yes. but it's not completely straightforward. 3.25 replicas means that everything has 3 replicas and 25% (.25) has 4 replicas <notmyname> portante: and, for your sanity, each partition in the ring will only have an integer number of replicas

2014-06-11 [] Democratic amnesty fan Luis Gutierrez helping Eric Cantor get reelected in order to protect immigration reform
republicans politics immigration

2014-06-04 [] Judge: Duke University can't expel student accused of sexual misconduct
androphobia duke

2014-06-03 [] q 2.4 : Python Package Index
python tmp

2014-06-03 [] Software Maniacs blog » ijson
json programming python

2014-05-30 []
california enviros suburbia

2014-05-30 [] tracking misplaced objects
Clay's essay on SQLite tables in container server