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2017-01-19 []
"Trump's penchant for bashing companies could have drastic consequences, says Jake Novak. Just look at JFK's track record."

2017-01-18 []
comments about H&MG being out of stock

2017-01-12 []

2017-01-12 []
pol.Todd_Kincannon gab.list

2017-01-12 []

2017-01-11 [] SJWs Furious After Tech Conference Protects Political Diversity - Breitbart
Lambdaconf sounds like an interesting conference
freespeech bullies liberals feminists

2017-01-08 []
Romney supports Trump's pick with a concise argument.
pol.mittromney pol.DonaldTrump

2017-01-05 []
moutele webcomic

2017-01-05 []
"[Aric] Babbitt, a 40-year-old elementary school teacher from Minnesota, and his 36-year-old husband, Matthew Deyo, sexually abused eight underage boys over the course several years"

2016-12-27 []
Suspension of @WhiteMotivation
twitter freespeech

2016-12-23 []
Farah and Prince. When Penny-Arcade made funny jokes about video games.

2016-12-22 [] Ivanka Trump Accosted by Passenger on JetBlue Flight |
"The husband of the unruly passenger tweeted an hour before the plane took off, "Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them."" Ivanka was flying coach with her family.
liberals bullies

2016-12-16 []
Has pictures of impact site in the back of the receiver that hasn't broken yet.
su-16ca kel-tec

2016-12-15 [] The Next Generation of Intruder Notification (Cyndr Sentry)
As of 2016/12 they promise "Linux support" in a future release
hardware tmp kickstarter

2016-12-14 []
inspect the locking block; wear makes preloads lower; resetting preloads per SB M20-35A and AD 73-21-01 accelerates wear

2016-12-09 []
The mythical Aleppo geese; also

2016-12-08 []
"the single biggest piece of “fake news” was the story that Trump couldn’t win." A long, high-brow essay.

2016-12-06 []
"@LaDonnaRae Will you tell me where your dead drunk daughter is buried so I can go piss on her grave and take a smiling selfie next to her el-cheapo white trash tombstone?"

2016-11-24 []
The Grumman AA-5 series performance
avia grumman

2016-11-17 []

2016-11-17 []
Openly Shilling For Hillary
xckd webcomic

2016-11-12 []
"I didn’t leave my room Wednesday morning. I sat and sobbed and I still have the tissues all over my floor to prove it. When I absolutely had to get up for class, I put on my “Dare to say the F-word: Feminism” t-shirt and my “A woman belongs in the House and the Senate” sweatshirt to make myself feel stronger. Still crying, I left my room." -- Marni Morse
liberals feminists

2016-11-11 [] Setting up a TripleO development environment | Thiago da Silva
swift tmp

2016-11-10 []
tmp swift go etherpad

2016-11-10 [] How to Move to Japan from the USA - A Step-by-Step Guide