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2014-04-20 []
kanon tmp

2014-04-17 [] Yahoo breaks every mailing list in the world including the IETF's
DMARC fixes nothing
spf yahoo

2014-04-16 []
Explanation of New Style Replication over AFR
glusterfs people.darcy

2014-04-16 []
"The right of individuals to protect themselves against violence is so important that it is, in many ways, beyond the power of the state to regulate. Though the state might prefer to sacrifice citizens’ lives and safety in order to limit gun ownership, such a sacrifice is not permitted."
guns freedom instapundit

2014-04-09 [] Container Alias : Blueprints : OpenStack Object Storage (swift)
swift tmp

2014-04-07 [] FAA NOTAM Search
avia faa

2014-04-07 [] Flight Distance Calculator

2014-04-07 [] TAF decoder

2014-04-07 [] Debunking a Few Commonly Held Fracking Myths

2014-04-05 [] After Eich resigns, conservatives slam Mozilla—and call for boycott | Ars Technica
eich ars

2014-04-05 []
eich lwn

2014-04-05 []
eich instapundit

2014-04-03 [] The Hounding Of A Heretic | The Dish
fascists liberals freespeech people.andrewsullivan eich

2014-04-02 [] Is Government Debt a Problem? | International Liberty
At what point do investors stop buying sovereign debt and the nation defaults?
people.Dan_Mitchell government economics

2014-03-26 [] Canada shows you can cut government spending
canada economics taxes

2014-03-26 [] State Film Subsidies: Not Much Bang For Too Many Bucks
hollywood new_mexico

2014-03-22 [] Why the Media Doesn’t Cover Jihadist Attacks on Middle East Christians | Raymond Ibrahim
religion war

2014-03-21 [] Washington Post Falls For Left-Wing Fraud, Embarrasses Itself
wapo journalism powerline

2014-03-18 []
Took over the spares inventory from APSU
hks avia

2014-03-15 [] Wonder Momo | ShiftyLook
webcomics wonder_momo

2014-03-12 [] Booting PandaBoard with Fedora 20 GA
fedora arm

2014-03-03 [] approach-A.txt: container reconciler design notes
Erasure codes
swift tmp

2014-03-03 [] Trello: Swift erasure codes and storage policies
swift trello tmp

2014-03-03 [] AKB48 at Amazon
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2014-03-03 []
fedora openstack