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2015-03-04 [] The Wacky World of Wu - Breitbart
orientationally_challenged people.Brianna_Wu_J_Flynt

2015-02-25 [] 'I'm gay. And I want my kid to be gay too': Lesbian CNN pundit admits she does not want her daughter, 6, to be straight and is 'disappointed' that she is already 'boy crazy'
marriage orientationally_challenged

2015-02-21 [] Guardian 'changed Iraq article to avoid offending Apple' - Telegraph
journalism apple

2015-02-20 []

2015-02-20 [] Ad valorem tax? - Pilots of America Message Board
TN: "6% use tax". Avoid AL, GA like plague. AL: 20% per year.
taxes alabama georgia tennessee avia

2015-02-20 [] Judge ‘Outraged’ at Innocent Man, Orders Him to Pay $30,000 in Support for Child That Isn’t His
fascist judge Kathleen McCarthy of Wayne County Circuit Court
justice androphobia

2015-02-12 [] The 4-Week Guide to Starting Strength
people.MarkRippletoe health excercise

2015-02-12 []
homepage homepage-openstack-reviews

2015-02-12 [] Swift spec reviews open
swift openstack gerrit homepage-openstack-reviews

2015-02-05 [] Fast Non-Standard Data Structures for Python
python programming

2015-01-29 [] How to Fly With A Gun - The Truth About Guns
guns tsa travel

2015-01-27 []
A lib is reaping what he sowed - a long essay decrying the evils of PC culture; see also

2015-01-23 [] How do I enable Click to Play in Mozilla Firefox?
Mozilla now has a built-in Flashblock (about:config -> plugins.click_to_play)
mozilla firefox

2015-01-22 [] Improving Linux networking performance []
60 ns per packet equals 200 CPU cycles or 2 cache misses
performance ethernet linux

2015-01-20 [] Everything you Need to Know about HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP) |
ssl http security

2015-01-19 []
Björn Persson answers Thomas Ptacek
dnssec security dns

2015-01-18 [] reed-solomon codes
tmp radio reed-solomon

2015-01-18 [] Error Correction with Reed-Solomon | Dr Dobb's
tmp radio reed-solomon

2015-01-09 [] PIAA 94038 Silicone Wiper Blade Refill, 15" (Pack of 1)
jeep amazon

2015-01-09 [] Amazon's 'schizophrenic' open source selfishness scares off potential talent, say insiders
"Moles blame Bezos for paltry code sharing"; "Spent months on it, talked to many people, subsequent private feedback from Amazonians said broadly correct."

2015-01-07 [] I am Elon Musk, CEO/CTO of a rocket company, AMA! : IAmA
people.elonmusk spacex

2015-01-04 [] Fixing the JavaScript typeof operator
javascript programming

2014-12-30 [] Java Practices -> Finally and catch
Using AutoCloseable to reduce the use of finally
java programming

2014-12-28 [] IRS Says it ‘Mistakenly’ Penalized GOP Candidate Christine O’Donnell For a Second Time
"Although IRS officials removed the levy, they first withdrew all the funds from her account. They said that, too, was in error and the funds would be returned to her. The funds have not been replaced, Ms. O’Donnell said."
irs fascists

2014-12-18 [] On The Liberal Marriage Hypothesis
"And these results hold irrespective of education levels"