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2015-11-24 []
tmp guns

2015-11-20 [] Marissa Mayer's take on ad blocking: 'It hurts the Web experience'
Marissa Mayer is even crazier than we thought after the remotee prohibition.

2015-11-05 []

2015-11-05 [] From kafkatrap to honeytrap
androphobia people.esr

2015-11-05 []
Tomo hugs Carol
webcomic トモちゃん

2015-10-15 []
deletion of a bucket leaves index objects behind
tmp ceph

2015-10-15 []
people.elonmusk cars.tesla

2015-10-13 [] Dog Philosophy
machall webcomic

2015-09-23 []
Step by step guide for packagers.

2015-09-13 [] Time Warner Road Runner, Linux, and large IPv6 subnets
Using DHCP6

2015-09-10 []
Allan Candelore and Rich Allison fight discrimination with the help from "Harry Crouch".

2015-09-04 []
Enjoy my new column: Creepy Uncle Joe Biden's yuck factor==>

2015-09-04 [] Does Donald Trump Think Washington Politicians Should Have More of Our Money to Help America Become Greece? | International Liberty
Dan Mitchell's concerns about Trump's policy positions.
pol.DonaldTrump people.Dan_Mitchell

2015-08-21 [] Brass vs. Steel Cased Ammo – An Epic Torture Test
Bimetal Russian bullets wear out barrels after 6000 to 10000 rounds. But the cost savings cover up the cost of new barrels in AR-15.

2015-08-18 []
Test mechods down below, such as Granite

2015-08-17 []

2015-08-17 [] Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace
"The company is conducting an experiment in how far it can push white-collar workers to get them to achieve its ever-expanding ambitions."

2015-08-12 [] rgw: create tenant namespace
ceph tmp

2015-08-11 []
git submodule stuck

2015-08-07 []
tmp swift

2015-08-05 [] Bug 1208695 – Review Request: liberasurecode - Erasure Code API library written in C with pluggable backends
demo bugzilla

2015-08-03 []

2015-07-30 []
" Increase hiring rates for full-time engineering roles to 30% female. Increase hiring rates for full-time engineers to 8% underrepresented ethnic backgrounds."
pinterest meritocracy

2015-07-30 []
github swift

2015-07-29 []
Everything has to be registered.
states michigan guns