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2016-12-09 []
The mythical Aleppo geese; also

2016-12-08 []
"the single biggest piece of “fake news” was the story that Trump couldn’t win." A long, high-brow essay.

2016-12-06 []
"@LaDonnaRae Will you tell me where your dead drunk daughter is buried so I can go piss on her grave and take a smiling selfie next to her el-cheapo white trash tombstone?"

2016-11-24 []
The Grumman AA-5 series performance
avia grumman

2016-11-17 []

2016-11-17 []
Openly Shilling For Hillary
xckd webcomic

2016-11-12 []
"I didn’t leave my room Wednesday morning. I sat and sobbed and I still have the tissues all over my floor to prove it. When I absolutely had to get up for class, I put on my “Dare to say the F-word: Feminism” t-shirt and my “A woman belongs in the House and the Senate” sweatshirt to make myself feel stronger. Still crying, I left my room." -- Marni Morse
liberals feminists

2016-11-11 [] Setting up a TripleO development environment | Thiago da Silva
swift tmp

2016-11-10 []
tmp swift go etherpad

2016-11-10 [] How to Move to Japan from the USA - A Step-by-Step Guide

2016-11-09 [] America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution, by Angelo M. Codevilla
very long
politics liberals

2016-11-03 [] Dealing with automated SSH password-guessing
ssh security

2016-11-03 []
(stand by for confirmation of hoax)
tmp seattle

2016-10-31 []
John Rawls is a bad tipper.
webcomic comics existentialcomics

2016-10-31 []
Dog clings to a pre-conceived notion.
webcomic comics existentialcomics

2016-10-25 []
Has an archive mirror for USS Clueless.

2016-10-25 [] Steven Den Beste, RIP | National Review

2016-10-25 []

2016-10-21 []

2016-10-16 [] Skew-T Mastery - Produced by The COMET® Program
flying weather skew-t

2016-10-09 []
webcomic redpanels

2016-09-22 []

2016-09-13 [] Columnist Says He Won't Date Feminists, Feminists Instantly Validate Him | PJ Media
David Hon makes sensible choices,

2016-09-05 [] Attn World: The KelTec SU-16 Does Not Suck [2016 Review] - YouTube

2016-09-02 []
"#Nodevember just removed Douglas Crockford from their keynote speaker list. He was too white and heterosexual for their target audience in spite of being one of the industry's top developers."